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These pages celebrate the famous North Western Railway of India, and focus on the stories of some of their employees. If you would like to contribute to these pages please contact Terry Case at:-



The North Western Railway (NWR) was formed in January 1886, an amalgam of a number of smaller railways, principally the  Sind, Punjab and Delhi Railway (SPDR). The NWR was under Government management, because of the strategic areas it served.

The line from Delhi to Amritsar had  been opened in 1870, with the aim of making troop movements to the N.W.  frontier provinces speedier. It met the line from Karachi – Lahore/Amritsar which had been opened in stages, by passing the dangerous and slow river crossings by boat. This line had been operated by the  Sind, Punjab and Delhi Railway (SPDR).

 Lines to the Khyber Pass and Kohot areas were later extensions, the  NWR managed  a number of narrow gauge lines, the most famous being that to Simla.

The end of the NWR.

The division of India and the creation of the nation of Pakistan saw terrible scenes near the new border areas with trains of refugees being attacked and the occupants massacred .

The lines were part of the NWR system, which was divided by Partition with most of its 6,861 miles being in Pakistan territory, only 1,885 miles going to India, where it was to be part of the newly created  East Punjab Railway, which was later absorbed into the Northern Railway..




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